Welcome to BMW Clubs Australia

BMW Clubs Australia is the umbrella organisation for the 16 Official BMW Clubs in Australia, bringing together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life to share the enjoyment and passion of their car and/or motorcycle in day, touring, motorsport and social activities.

We invite you to join your local BMW by clicking on the club logo below and taken to that Club’s webpage (away from BMWCA).

You, your partner and family will be made welcome and invited to visit the Club at a meeting, drive or ride day or social function to meet the members, ask questions and check out the Club.

Clubs offer a diverse range of activities including half, full and multi-day rides or drives along with social events.

A number of BMW Clubs provide active, spirited and competitive motorsport (racing) events in a safe and controlled environment – the race track – where you can test yourself and your car against the clock, not the driver and car next to you.

We welcome you to the BMW Clubs Australia and look forward to meeting you at a Club event soon.

BMW Takata Airbag Recall. Is your BMW affected?

BMW has written to owners of affected vehicles or YOU can also identify any outstanding recalls by clicking on the picture and entering your unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into BMW Australia Recall Status Tool (external website).

Click on the picture to go to BMW Australia Recall web page.

If your vehicle is affected, please contact your preferred BMW dealer or BMW direct on 133 269.

You can find further information regarding BMW Australia Takata Airbag Recall here (external website) or Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website.

For any Takata Airbag Recall question, please contact your preferred dealer or the BMW Australia Hotline on 1800 243 675.

BMW Club and Community Management Newsletter

The BMW Classic #Heart blog gives you up-to-date information from the exciting world of BMW Clubs worldwide and your community.  Learn everything about BMW Group Classic services, exclusive events and attractive offers.

You are encouraged to visit BMW Group Classic website and subscribe for free and online by registering here.