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BMW Clubs Australia is the umbrella association for the fifteen Official BMW Car and Motorrad (motorcycle) Clubs in Australia with nearly 5,500 members, we join with some 700 Official Clubs and more than 250,000+ members of the international BMW Club Community. Each Member Club is an Incorporated Association in its own right and has an active membership with event calendars, including motorsport, social, day, evening and overnight activities.

Official Australian BMW Clubs

Here's where we are:

BMWCA Annual General Meeting 2023
Meet the Club Delegates & Observers

Back Row: Trevor Dean (MTC NSW Del); Bob Williams (DCNSW Del); Gary Schweikert (CCQLD Del); John Eacott (MCGC Del); Jeff Murdoch (CCVIC Del), Jo Mawson (DCM Obs); Luke Wise (CCACT Del), Bailey Gifford (MCOCSA Del); Graham Ball (MCCACT Obs); Roger Way (CCGC Del); Craig Florance (DCSA Del); 
Front Row: Paul Hughes (MCCQLD Del); Graeme Bell (DCM Del); Michael Keen (DCSA Obs); Bob Leggat (MCVIC Obs); Jacques van Niekerk (MCVIC Del); 
Absent: Bruce Robins (CCWA Del); Roger Cooke (MCCWA); Gary Smee (MCCACT); Peter Butters (CCBall Del)

Upcoming Member Club Major Events

Official BMW Clubs hold public and member only events.  
Click on the Club logo on the "Contact a BMW Club" tab, to visit a BMW Club near you to see what's happening.

BMW Clubs Australia Inc. has no involvement in the organisation or operation of any BMW Club.
Official BMW Clubs and incorporated associations are members of BMWCA, the umbrella club to BMW Clubs International.

BMW Clubs Australia Inc. is NOT responsible for the content of linked or external websites.
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