As the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, BMW Group Classic is getting a new home. The 13,000 m² site near BMW headquarters contains one of BMW’s first production halls. Used at the time in the manufacture of aircraft engines, this hall now stands as an outstanding and architecturally protected monument to the allure of the BMW Group. A historic vehicle collection, the BMW Group Archive, the BMW Group Classic Center and a historic workshop are all situated together here.


The BMW Museum opened in 1973 and has since evolved into one of Germany’s most popular company museums. More than 120 treasured cars, motorcycles and engines covering more than ten decades of BMW history in all its facets are presented in seven exhibition “houses” in the listed Museum bowl and in the Visions area over a total floorspace of some 5,000 m². Come and visit, and be amazed at the sheer diversity of our exhibits.

Tours through the BMW Museum History, background, visions

The BMW Museum offers a fascinating presentation of the company, brand and product history of BMW. About 125 of the brand’s most valuable and attractive automobiles, motorcycles and engines are displayed on a surface area of 5000 m². Background information on the exhibits is provided in German and English.
The BMW Museum embodies the brand experience in Munich along with the BMW Plant and BMW Welt. It was founded in 1973 as one of the first ever brand museums and was redesigned and expanded in 2008. Enjoy deep insights into the tradition, present and future of the BMW brand.