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BMW Clubs Australia is the national association of official BMW car and motorcycle clubs from around Australia, bringing together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared interest in the marque.

We invite you to become part of the BMW family by joining a local club. BMW clubs work hard to ensure that BMW owners are able to maximize the enjoyment of their BMW. We are confident you will both enjoy and gain benefit from your membership and look forward to welcoming you to the international family of BMW owners.



Club Structure

Each individual BMW club is independent; its focus and orientation are independent of BMW. The clubs are subdivided by continent and region: Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. Within these groups, clubs are divided into international and national umbrella organisations. The BMW Classic and Series clubs have a separate internationally active section. They take care of everything concerning the maintenance and restoration of classic BMW vehicles.


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Our BMW Clubs Australia clubs are part of BMW Clubs International Council. We are supported by BMW Classic thru BMW Clubs and Community Management at BMWAG in Munich.

BMW Club and Community Management publish a newsletter each quarter which showcases BMW Clubs around the world. We are all invited to register to receive this newsletter.

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The latest issue includes an interesting story about BMW’s factory at Dingolfing.

BMW Clubs Australia is able to assist in tours of the BMW facilities.

These include: BMW Museum, BMW Welt, BMW Classic building and BMW factories.

Please let your club delegate know if you are interested in touring any of these BMW facilities. He or she will pass it on to BMW Classic

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